oh my god if we are mutuals please tag pix of skinny/fit girls as body image tw please

my body is not a trigger.

sit down


Did I trigger you? Oops!












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    That’s because you’re weak.
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    How do you survive in the real world if seeing skinny people ‘triggers’ you? Like…do you wear horse blinders when you go...
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    Im triggered by the word trigger You biggoted shitLord!!!
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    I really wish I had the time to tell all of you off. But there are too many ignorant people on this site. I need to tell...
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    Oh will you shut the fuck up with this trigger warning bullshit?I will never, ever post a trigger warning. If you can’t...
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    Exactly. The internet is not designed to kiss your ass. If you get “triggered” by skinny people, you shouldn’t be...
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    Okay no as a person with actual PTSD I can tell you that “trigger” is not synonymous with “makes me uncomfortable” and...
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    I couldn’t even read past the first paragraph in this hate filled wall of text before my sphincter erupted in blood and...
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    This is why tumblr needs to go outside
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    Ever been to a place called “reality”, e-brat? There are plently of skinny/fit girls there and most of them don’t come...
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    lol how do these people function away from the internet